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Orchestra and Band


"In Memoriam Cruciatorum Infantum" (orchestra)

"Gododdin" (Gareth Glyn)

Cadernid Gwynedd (‘Steadfast Gwynedd’) for brass band

A Snowdon Overture

Legend of the Lake

Consierto i Utgorn (unawdydd: Philippe Schartz)

Y Delyn (The Harp), for harp, male choirs and orchestra

Addolwn Ef - Welsh carols for brass band

Anglesey Seascapes

Little Suite for Strings

Timelessness, for strings and harp

"Corporate Anthem" (from Project: MusicMakers)



Slowly the Ticking Clock (Wyn Morris, baritone)

Slowly the Ticking Clock (Wyn Morris, baritone)

Toccata, from Three Psalms for organ



Y Gymraeg (‘The Welsh Language’ – SATB)

Fy Ngwlad (My Country) – SATB with harp or piano


Clychau’r Gog (Bluebells) (TTBB)

Psalm 150 (male choir and orchestra)


Psalm 150 (male choir and orchestra)

Dirion Dir (Gentle Land) for soloists, choirs and brass band



Dyfroedd Byw ("Living Waters”, for 16 instruments or small orchestra)

Three Welsh Folksongs for brass quintet

O’r Pren Braf! (What a Fine Tree! – 4 harps, oboe, bassoon)

I Dywyn Hefo’r Delyn (pumawd telyn)

o yr wyf yn eu cofio meddaf wrthych



EGAD! for string players of all abilities (open strings to professional)



Huw Cymunod


A New Star

Dan Oed

Y Garrog (The Dragon)